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Past Startups

HackerIntro (2021-2023)

Started as a way to deal with inefficiencies and annoyances of finding developers and finding jobs for those said developers.

Its current main product is Resume Search, it crawls and indexes developer resumes 24/7 and provides access to this database to subscribers.

I wasn't able to grow it sufficiently and have shut it down.

Trustatom (2014-2015)

After deparing Trustatom I travelled to Asia to reset. While in Japan, I came up with the idea of a small service that would do a limited set of smart contracts based on Bitcoin.

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IP Certificate

With limited success selling this, I've raised some money and pivoted to a more specific niche of fundraising and created a small product called The product was used to routinely register information (such as ownership structure, KPIs and other documents) by startups to prove to their investors that those weren't essentially made up last night, providing better assurance of the accuracy of this information.

Domain has gone and is now listed on HugeDomains for $2,795 was also let go and is now on sale on for $7,495 (2013-2014) was a spin off from Spawngrid's consultancy. In 2013, with all that early hype around Bitcoin, there was a great interest in running exchanges. Some clients approached us to see if they can hire us to build one.

Instead, we offered to build Bitcoin exchange as a service (turnkey solution) where clients were to provide local compliance and marketing.

We've secured some prospective clients and initial seed funding. Unfortunately, we had our fair share of issues both in leadership and delivery so it was wound down around 2015.

Somebody is now trying to sell domain for $100K

Spawngrid (2011-2013)

Spawngrid started around 2011 as an attempt to build a cloud for deploying complex Erlang-based systems. Over time, overwhelmed with the sheer complexitity of the problem, Spawngrid experimented with some other products like (automatic test generation product, for which it received some NRC IRAP funding). Failing to secure clients for this, it became a consultancy company.

Domain has gone and is now listed on HugeDomains for $2,195

Issues Done (2007-2008)

An early startup trying to build a web-based Getting Things Done application. Had some fun ideas but wasn't able to market it.

The domain is still owned by a friend of mine who was a partner in this venture

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