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Startup Ideas

Hands-free writing

As somebody who doesn't have a lot of spare time I feel like I could have used a bit of the "idle" time for something useful, like writing articles or blog posts. However, this "idle" time usually means I am not home, not having my computer with me. At best, I have my phone.

But writing on the phone sucks. Speech recognition isn't great either. It works to a degree, but requires painful editing.

The idea is to give a multi-model, hands-free-first writing experience on the phone and other devices. Try to employ GPT to fix speech recognition mistakes, pad coarse input, perform text manipulation.

Save on Kids

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This is similar to the existing brick-and-mortar model where parents can buy and sell used children's clothes, shoes and toys. However, instead of having to shop in person, turn this into an e-commerce store. Both local and shipping models are worth exploring.